Concrete Shapes

BUDAPEST DESIGN WEEK Rebranding concept

Budapest Design Week is one of the most noted design events in Budapest. BDW is organised yearly, featuring the works of local designers, inviting the curious ones to open studios, holding workshops and hosting international design speaks. After more than a decade, the festival needed a massive rebrand. Addressing both professionals and outsiders and all generations keen on the topic, BDW wanted a whiz identity which was progressive and open-minded enough to represent Hungarian design on the European stage.

Art direction and graphic design: Anna Bardy, Adam Katyi
Year: 2021

Branding concept

Our goal was to create a diverse and flexible toolkit with a positive voice, which can easily be connected to the previous identity known from the past 12 years. The design is based on the concepts of agelessness and revival. To maintain continuity, we took the diagonal element of the old logo from its original setting and built up a completely new system with it. The connotations of the form fit well to the spirit of the festival: comprehensive, rising, dynamic, 2D and 3D at once. The diagonal shape functions as a visual and conceptual force that holds the identity together - the logotypes, the custom typography and the 2021 key visual are tightly connected.

Customised Laslo typeface: Hungarumlaut.