Adam Katyi
Graz, Austria
+43 660 7460387

About Adam:

He and the letters became friends in 2007, when he got his first pixel-typeface design assignment. His enthusiasm is unbroken since then. Adam graduated in Sopron, in Institute of Applied Arts with the Tótfalusi Sans Serif font. He made his first MA degree in 2012, in Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University.
After that Adam applied to Type and Media at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands. He studied there everything, what is important to be a professional type designer, from sketching, through to programming. His final project was Westeinde, a typeface with optical sizes, in 2013.

Adam released his reworked degree typeface, Westeinde Caption at Hungarumlaut, in 2014.

From 2015, he is working for Miles Newlyn, at TextPref as a part-time font engineer and typedesigner.

Adam's style is concrete and clean. He avoids the equivocation and unnecessary things. His favourite software is RoboFont and also familiar with Glyphs and FontLab too.

Adam is a returning teacher in the Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University and in the Institute of Applied Arts in Sopron.
He also held typedesign workshops, where he teaches how could you create a digital typeface from you sketches.

You can also find me on:
Behance, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud

I programmed this website in TextMate, and Atom with Bootstrap front-end framework. Typeface: Menoe Grotesque.


Royal Academy of Art,
Type and Media MA
The Hague, Netherlands 2012– 2013

Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University
Graphic Design MA
Budapest, Hungary 2010– 2012

Institute of Applied Arts
Graphic Design BA
Sopron, Hungary, 2007– 2010


GFX Meetup (pictures)
10. 11. 2014 Carnation Group, Budapest, Hungary

Formes de Hongria
23. 04. 2014 Disseny Hub, Barcelona, Spain

Contemporary Hungarian Typedesigners
06. 11. 2013 Institute of Applied Art Sopron, Hungary

Guide for clients (video)
04. 11. 2013 Műszi, Budapest, Hungary

19. Design Meetup Digital Design (video)
18. 02. 2012 Design Terminal, Budapest, Hungary

Graphifest 4
06. 12. 2010 Design Terminal, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Design Meetup Vol 11. (video)
26. 11. 2010 Kino Cinema Budapest, Hungary


NeighbourArt 25. 12. 2014

enspire.hu 12. 07. 2014

nol.hu 13. 03. 2014

ligature.ch 03. 10. 2013

phenomenon.hu 20. 11. 2011

Tilos Radio 31. 01. 2011

Teaching and workshops:


Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University
Type design workshop for the 1st master class.
29. September – 02. October 2015
video, pictures

Institute of Applied Arts Sopron
Type design lecturer
Spring Semester 2015

Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University
Type design workshop for the 2nd and 3rd bachelor classes. (pictures)
16–20. March 2015

Institute of Applied Arts Sopron
Type design lecturer
Spring Semester 2015

Visart Art Academy
Type design workshop (pictures)
02–06. February 2015

Moholy-Nagy Art and Design University
Type design workshop for the 1st master class. (pictures)
10–14. November 2014

HelloWood Workshop
Typography group, Team Leader
21–29. July 2012

HelloWood Workshop
Typography group, workshop organiser
06–13. July 2011


Hungarian Design Award
Communication Arts category 2014

István Makovényi
MA degree prize 2012

Hungarian Design Award Special Prize
Student category 2010

Selected Exhibitions:

Formes de Hongria
23. 04. 2014 Dessiny Hub, Barcelona, Spain

Guide to clients
01. 12. 2013 Műszi, Budapest, Hungary

To infinity and beyond
07. 12. 2013 Planetarium, Budapest, Hungary

Crossovers, Hungarian Design Week Opening exhibition
27. 09. 2013 Design terminál, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Design Award 2010
10. 2010 Museum of Ethnography, Budapest, Hungary

Egymás mellett
2010 AMI Gallery Forma Terem, Sopron, Hungary

My heart is minimal
14. 11. 2009 TIT Center, Sopron, Hungary

The youngests.
Concrete and geometric art
2007 WAM Design, Budapest, Hungary

Day of the hungarian painting.
New constructivists
2006 WAX Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Thanks for my Clients